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Terms and Conditions

These pages, their content, their structure and the online booking service for accommodation facilities provided on the same website and are owned, managed and offered by Aleph and are provided for personal use only, not for commercial purposes , according to the Terms and Conditions described below.

1) Purpose of the service

Through the website, Aleph and affiliate partners for the distribution of related services provide an online platform that allows all types of temporary accommodation (eg, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, houses) to advertise their solutions ricettizie and, at the same time, visitors to the site itself, to make reservations.

By making a reservation through, you will establish a direct contractual relationship, legally binding, between the booker and the accommodation. Since the above reservation, Aleph will act only as an intermediary between the booker and the accommodation, transmitting to the latter the details of the reservation and sending to the person who has booked an email confirmation in the name and on behalf of the accommodation . The same formula is used by Aleph to book services hiking, sports and transport.

Aleph, as agent, is not responsible for the service offered. All disputes will be promoted and regulated by the service provider.

2) Free of charge service

The service offered by Aleph is free because, unlike many other sites in the sector, there will not be charged any fees for the service, or the application of additional costs to the room rate booked.

3) Privacy

Aleph respects your privacy. The legislation about privacy and cookies please refer to website.

4) Rates

Rates quoted on the website are highly competitive and means required for the entire stay, inclusive of VAT and all other taxes (subject to currency change of such taxes), unless otherwise indicated on the website or on and -mail confirmation.

Occasionally on may be proposed cheapest rates for a given room. However, the above rates, proposed by the same accommodation, could lead to restrictions and conditions, for example with regard to cancellation or refund. Before you make a reservation, you should therefore carefully check the presence of such conditions in details about the room and the rates. All special offers and promotions are classified as such. Obvious errors are not binding, including printing.

5) Means of payment

Some properties might be available to pay all or part of the service by means of on-line tools (to the extent that such a function is offered and supported by the bank reference), already during the booking procedure; this possibility will be reported in terms of payment of the property.

Payment will be charged safely to the credit card / debit card or bank account of the facility, through the management of a third party.

With some special (non-refundable) or special offers may be required prepayment via bank transfer (if provided as a method of payment from the property) or credit card. When using credit cards, this could be pre-authorized or charged (sometimes without refund) upon reservation. Before you make a reservation, you should carefully check the presence of such conditions in details concerning accommodation and rates.

In the event of fraud or unauthorized use of credit cards by third parties, most of the banks and companies that provide credit card shall bear the risk and cover all charges resulting from such fraud or unauthorized use. This, however, could result in the charge card in a matter of a deductible amount (usually corresponding to EUR 50, or the equivalent in foreign currency). In the event that the company issuing the credit card or bank also charge that amount because of unauthorized transactions resulting from a reservation made on, this amount will be compensated by Aleph, up to an amount of EUR 50 ( or the equivalent in local currency). In order to make the compensation, you must report the fraud to the credit card provider (in accordance with its rules and procedures) and contact Aleph immediately via e-mail (, bringing in ‘ subject of the e-mail “credit card fraud” and providing evidence of the charged deductible (eg. the policy of the issuer of the credit card). This compensation only applies to bookings that have made use of secure server and only after verifying that the unauthorized use of a credit card resulting from a default or by an act of negligence on the part of Aleph and not by incorrect use of the secure server by the user.

6) Cancellation Reservations

The making of a reservation at a facility through the site involves the acceptance and approval of the rules of cancellation and no show of that structure and any other rule or additional condition of the structure applicable to your reservation or during your stay, including the services and / or products offered by the hotel (the rules and conditions of a structure are obtained directly from the very structure of relevance). The general cancellation and no-show for each structure are mentioned in the website, the information pages on the structure, and appear both during the booking process that the e-mail confirmation.

For certain rates or special offers are not permitted cancellations or changes. Before you make a reservation, you should carefully check the presence of such conditions in details about the room and the rates. If the reservation requires a prepayment of all or part, this may be deleted (without prior notice of default or notice) if the remaining amount could not be collected in full in due date, as required by the conditions Payment of the structure and specific booking.

A late payment, incorrect data, bank account or credit / debit card details credit / debit invalid or insufficient funds threaten the booking and may lead to refusal of a refund of any advance payment (non-refundable) unless the property does not accept to make a refund or allow other solutions provided by its prepayment conditions and cancellation.

In case you want to check, change or cancel your reservation, you must access the e-mail confirmation when booking and follow the instructions contained therein. The hotel may charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the provisions of the cancellation policy, prepayment and no show of the same structure, and it is possible that you have no right to compensation of any amounts already paid in advance. Before you make a reservation, please read carefully the rules relating to the cancellation, the advance payment and the non-submission provided by the property, and to remember to make the payments on time thereafter, as required by the specific booking.

7) Correspondence from Aleph

By making a reservation, you are consenting to receive an e-mail shortly before the arrival date, containing information about the chosen destination, various suggestions and offers (even by a third party, if it has been given the consent) relating to the reservation and allocation choice, as well as an e-mail after your stay, with an invitation to express their opinions on the establishment.

In the section about the rules about privacy and cookies you will find more information about other methods of contact by Aleph.

8) Rankings, ratings and guest reviews

The judgment of the guest on the living room could be loaded on the page of the accommodation on the website in order to provide (future) customer feedback about the level of service and quality of the structure; could also be wholly or partially used and inserted by Aleph, in its sole discretion, for promotional purposes or just to improve the service), on the site, on platforms of social networks, the newsletter, or – in the case special promotions – on applications or other channels owned by Aleph, and hosted, used or controlled by Aleph. Aleph reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to modify, refuse or remove reviews at discretion. The form for the assessment of the host must be considered a survey and does not include any offer, invitation or inducement (commercial) of any kind.

9) Disclaimer of liability

Aleph, in the act of the performance of its services, disseminates data that were provided by the accommodation. All facilities will therefore have access to an extra-net, which are totally responsible, both in relation to updating the rates, availability of services and other information displayed on the website. In fact, despite the diligence and accuracy of its service, Aleph is not able to verify and ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information published, nor can it be held responsible for any errors (including manifest and typographical errors of typing), interruption service due to failures, repairs, upgrades and maintenance of the website, for the case in which the information is inaccurate, misleading or false, or for their non-delivery. Each facility is responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information, including rates and availability displayed on our website. The site of Aleph is not intended to recommend or to support any structure publicized on the same, in terms of quality, service level, classification and allocation category using stars, but is intended to be only an exhibition platform to some reasonable facilities accommodation.

Subject to the limitations and the details provided in these Terms and Conditions and to the extent permitted by law, Aleph be liable for damages suffered or paid directly and effectively by users, if only due to non-observance of the obligations undertaken. The compensation will be up to the total cost of the reservation, as stated in the e-mail confirmation (or to a circumstance for a single or series of connected events).

However, and as permitted by law, neither Aleph, nor any of its operators, officers, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, affiliates (distribution), licensees, agents or people involved in the production, sponsorship, in the promotion or dissemination of the site and its contents, may be held liable for loss or punitive damages, special, indirect or consequential damages, loss of production, profit, income or contract, injury or damage to the good name and the reputation, loss of rights, inadequate information (descriptions) of the facility (including rates, availability and ratings) made available on our Web site, for services rendered or products offered by the hotel or other business partners, for damages (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive), losses or costs suffered, paid or to which you were getting later inability to use or delay of the site, arising out of or related to the use, for personal injury, death, property damage or other damage (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive), losses or costs suffered, paid or to which you were getting into, legal action, errors, violations, crimes (serious) willful misconduct, omissions, negligence, misrepresentation, civil or objective liability for an unlawful act attributable (partially or totally) to the structure or any of its trading partners (or their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives or affiliated companies) whose products or services are made available, directly or indirectly, offered or advertised on the website or through it, including cancellations (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond the control of Aleph.

The owner of this property accepts and declares to be aware of the fact that it is the exclusive responsibility of the structure to collect, retain, and send to the competent authorities to pay applicable taxes, calculated based on the total price of the room. Aleph can not be held responsible for the collection, withholding, or send payment to the competent authorities of the taxes applicable to the cost of the room.

10) Protecting intellectual property

The services are available to Aleph exclusive personal, non-commercial. Therefore, it is not allowed to resell, use, copy, insert deep-link, monitor (eg spider, scrape), display, download or reproduce the content, information, software, products or services on our website for any type of business having commercial or competitive purposes.

Unless otherwise specified, the software needed to deliver the services, made available or used by the site, and the copyright of content (including copyright), the information and materials on this site are the property of Aleph, its suppliers or its providers.

Aleph holds exclusive all rights, titles and interests in and to all the intellectual property rights relating to the look and feel and the general interface (including infrastructure) of the website from which the service is made available (including guest and translated content). No one is authorized to copy, extract, return via links, publish, promote, integrate, use, combine, or in any other way use the content of the site (including translations and guest) or our brand in the absence of our express written consent. In the case where a person uses or combines (partially or totally) our content (including guest and translations), or otherwise take possession of any intellectual property right of the site or any content (or translation) , it will have to assign, transfer and surrender entirely such intellectual property rights to Aleph. Any use not in accordance with the law or any of the actions or behaviors mentioned above constitute a material breach of intellectual property rights (including the rights of copyright and protection of databases) Aleph.

11) About Aleph and companies support

The online booking of accommodation is provided by Aleph, a Sole Trader Company  subject to Italian laws and headquartered in Como via Diaz 91 , Italy, and registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Como with the registration number (P.I) 03582960138

These Terms and Conditions – and the subsequent changes – apply to all services offered by Aleph online, through any mobile device, by email or by phone. Access the website, visit it, use it and / or use any of the applications available through any platform, and / or make a reservation, is equivalent to statement you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions listed above (including the Privacy Policy).

12) Exclusive choice of court clause

To the extent permitted by law, these Terms and Conditions, and the provision of the services offered, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law and any dispute arising in relation to these terms, the general conditions and the services offered will be submitted exclusively to the competent Foro Como (Italy).

13) Language Site

The original text in Italian of these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is unofficial and illustrative purposes only, therefore null and void. In case of dispute or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian text and translations in other languages of these Terms and Conditions, the Italian text will prevail and will be the final version. The Italian text is available on the website (by selecting the Italian language) or will be sent upon written request.

14) Miscellaneous

In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, lose validity, is or becomes non-binding, it must comply with all other terms set out herein. In this case we will replace that clause with a clause to be valid and binding, which has an effect as much as possible similar to that replaced.