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In collaboration with “Hiking Como Lake”, Aleph can offer excursions, nordic walking, trail running, canyoning, Alpine skiing and climbing with professional guides speaking Italian, English and French language. Step by step we will talk about local history, traditions, natural and cultural aspects, and together we will find the exciting views that this beautiful city has to offer.


Aleph organizes customized transport services & offers assistance to visitors to plan their journeys comfortably and in total security. Aleph can offer shuttle services to and from Malpensa and Linate airports with private driver. Let us guide you. Enjoy the flavour of a tailor-made tour. We will let you discover the hidden gems of Lake Como in the most comfortable way.


Aleph can offer courses with qualified instructors in Italian and English, rental or logistical support for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, wakeboarding and Golf. In collaboration with Ms. Tina Fraquelli, cyclist and endurance athlete National MTB and Road Cycling Guide, we will introduce you to the wonders of Valle di Intelvi, also known as “the Emerald Valley”.

We are happy to provide tailor-made packages to suit families as well as experienced athletes, and day trips to Lake Como and Lake Lugano.

Personal Chef

In collaboration with the chef Alessio Secchiati, Aleph offers: The development of a Menu at the request of the customer with a visit of a local market. 4 hours of service, where the Chef will prepare and serve the chosen Menu. During the service, customers will be able to collaborate and interact with the Chef in a masterclass of Italian cooking. It’s an opportunity to explore the Italian Cuisine.

Personal Bartender

Share the secrets of our expertly handcrafted cocktails with the bar tender Cristian Cammarata, learn about our premium spirits and fresh ingredients, and mix and match your drinks with complementary food flavours.” I love to experiment and create new cocktails together with my customers, for adults and childrens, trying to make them original and personal, based on who is in front of me”.