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Curone Valley Park – Tuscany

Posted by Ciro Ianniello on November 6, 2016
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The Park includes the Curone Valley and Montevecchia relief, as well as the flat area crossed by the Molgora river and its tributaries is the last green of eastern Brianza area where the natural landscape aspects blend harmoniously with traditional human settlement. In the valleys of the Curone and Molgoretta it is still geomorphological features, wildlife and vegetation well preserved, with riparian woodlands and forest formations. Numerous archaeological finds and architectural elements: Neolithic villages and Iron Age, the remains of Roman fortifications and the baroque sanctuary on the top hill of Montevecchia.

Washing up, exploited springs and springs for water supply, water works, stone walkways, shrines and memorials, terraces and stone walls, vines, cypresses of the hill are now the Park landscape and form the tightly woven around the which the territory and the local culture have developed and evolved.

A recent survey has identified nearly 100 companies on the territory of the protected area: the area of flat agricultural Park, which is about 500 hectares, lie the large grain and livestock farms with dairy farms, flanked to companies dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables under tunnels (salads, zucchini flowers, herbs) and nurseries in open field of ornamental plants; in a hilly area, which covers about 600 hectares on the other hand, in addition to medicinal herbs, are spreading space and small family farms, vineyards and activities related to beekeeping, breeding sheep and goats and plants of small fruits.

Currently the most famous product of the Park is the cheese of Montevecchia, fresh, cured or pickled olive, available directly on farms, or in restaurants and taverns of the surroundings and in some small groceries in the area. And to know the companies that sell products with this special brand, you can visit the Park (www. In general, however, the wine, honey, sage, rosemary, cheese, cured meats, livestock, fruits and vegetables, not to mention everything that the territory spontaneously offers, such as chestnuts, wild berries , mushrooms, herbs and others, are characteristic of agriculture products of the Park, is narrower than that for which the bond with the land that hosts them, made of terraces, dry-stone walls that support them, field hedges and border and the paths and all the other elements that were once functional part and parcel of agricultural activities.

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